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I’ve finally gotten sick of the services having a negative impact on the rest of the server due to the transports chewing up lots of ram, and so have put together another server and will start migrating things over. The new server is a dual 1GHz Coppermine P3, with 2 GB of ram and 36 GB of SCSI RAID-1 disks.

This seems like a great opportunity to tidy things up again. The server stack has been a bit messy since we upgraded to jabberd2, partly because of the server codebase, and at least partly because of gentoo. So, the new plan is to move to ejabberd, sometime soon.  Along with the move will come a new webbased chat system ( jwchat ), and newer versions of the transports if they are available.

Ejabberd seems to be a pretty robust system. moved their system to it several years ago, and made the switch more recently. I’ve seen some pretty impressive benchmarks regarding message latency / cpu loading / ram usage under high protocol load and it beats jabberd1.x and jabberd2.x hands down. Not that really notices, or compares with or in terms of volume. We’ve currently got 112 clients connected, and someone noticed we had 203 clients connected a couple of weeks ago, but I have no idea what the high water mark for client connects is, much less any idea about message throughput statistics.

I aim to have the following done in the next few weeks:

  • Install and test base system – ejabberd, transports
  • Install and test jwchat
  • Script the migration of registration information and rosters from the jabberd2 pgsql database to something ejabberd can read.
  • Update the website with better information
  • Setup transports to prevent OOM issues (ulimit/regular restarts)
  • Test migration of registry/rosters
  • Pick a day and cutover.

The trickiest bit will be the migration of roster info from pgsql to ejabberd’s format, but I’ve already done at least three quarters of that already, as I considered doing this migration back in March.

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