jabber MetaNET has moved

I bit the bullet and moved onto its new server last night. DNS records have changed, however the TTL was set to 60 seconds a long time ago so this shouldn’t be a problem.  If you’re having problems connecting please verify that you’re actually connecting to and that whatever IP you are resolving that to matches the authoritative one –

The new server is running ejabberd, and while this is much better software than the previous version of jabberd2 it was using, it still has some quirks. The most noticeable one is the godawful time it takes to start up when using internal authentication, and a bug when trying to use an ODBC backend which results in roster information being lost entirely. I’ll keep working on these two points, with hopefully only minor outages over the next week or so.

Other new features include an federated SSL certificate, rather than me buying an SSL cert specifically for jabber, and we’ve pulled into the web 2.0 age with the addition of a jwchat web-chat client, which makes use of ejabberd’s http binding features.

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Hi I use your jabber server a lot, and I was wondering how to register transports.

When I was at home before I just opened the web client I think and there was an option to register clients. But it is gone now if it ever even existed.

And I can’t log in using my username to the site, nor can I reset my password as my email is not recognised.

I’m at a loss at what to do.

How do I make jabber do my bidding?


Hi Daniel,

Was wondering if you were willing to give me some tips on jabber transports, im having a hell of a time with the msn transport for ejabberd


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