Weird autoblogs

I just got a pingback on my earlier post, which was from a blog that indexes posts and articles with a particular word – acceptance – in it. Kind of an odd premise for a blog.

UPDATE As per the comment, the author/owner of More Lyrics updated his blog to remove the quote. My original comment was tongue in cheek, but it’s only fair to remove it I think :)

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Thanks for posting about, I agree is certainly does appear to be a weird autoblog!

It is part of a network of sites about music and the aggregated content should be related to a specific artist (In this case, Acceptance – However, for some artists – named after generic or common terms – we are unfortunately picking up unrelated posts. We are working on improving the targeting to avoid this in the future.

I’ve removed the reference to your post and please accept my apologies for quoting you out of context.

Kind regards,

Si – More Lyrics

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